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Concepts, ideas, and pictures to inspire the muse, pulling from pre-history through anything medieval, renaissance, and even beyond if it inspires my fantasy…
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an image of a man hiking in the snow
an image of some sort of futuristic building
A secret ballroom underneath a lake built in the 1800s
an image of the inside of a greenhouse with plants growing in it and on twitter
an image of a statue in the middle of two pictures with caption that reads, i'm interested with this sea - weathered saint on the church near hartlepool head
[deleted by user]
(4) Morrigna the Faceless : Bossfight
an image of folded linens in different colors and sizes on the app store's website
the text on this page reads, i am a simple person all i want is to wear ugly knit sweaters and walk in the forest maybe touch moss
an image of a stream in the middle of a forest with rocks and moss growing on it
The Owlish Witch
an image of a painting with the words you probably think 2020 is the worst year but turns out, it's not
Volcano meme dump cause Iceland is farting soon
an image of two different types of animals with caption that reads, i recently learned that volcano snails existt their shells are made of iron and they live around
yes, this is a real animal
someone is holding up some tiny stars in their hand and the caption reads, these crinoid fossils can be found in rivers