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an old newspaper article with the caption that reads, there'll be no escape in future from telephones
people are floating on rafts in the pool
Gothic, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Dead Ends, Dark Side, Paranormal, Eerie, Death, Crows Ravens
Bunny Claws
an animal is jumping off the back of a truck into the air while cars drive by
History Daily
60 Jarring Nature Photos | History Daily
a person standing on the side of a road near a large cloud in the sky
History Daily
60 Jarring Nature Photos | History Daily
an aerial view of a lighthouse in the middle of some rough ocean water with waves crashing around it
History Daily
two horses pulling a carriage in front of a green cat sculpture on the side of a road
On here way to wonderland
a man in a tuxedo standing next to a poster with an image of abraham lincoln
Celebrity Doppelgängers: These Celebs Look Just Like Historical Figures
These celebrities actually have their own historical doppelgangers. Is it just coincidence or they, in fact, traveled through time?
a man with white hair and blue eyes wearing a clown mask
The Dark Knight - The Joker
an old black and white photo of three stuffed animals
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
an old bike hanging from the side of a tree
bike in tree vashon Island
I had first heard of the bike in tree many years ago and always wanted to go see it, rumor has it that in the early 50's some kid left his bike next to a tree and forgot about it. The bike referenced in the christmas book " Red Ranger Came Calling " by Berkeley Breathed, check it out it's a good read. I don't make it onto the island that much and heard it isn't easy to find, Then I heard it had been vandalized and figured it was a lost cause, I happened to be riding my scooter around the island