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The New Cast Joining Whoever is Still Around in "The Walking Dead"

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SOLOMON also said he was thankful Biden will soon be president. He is a healer who will get the best to lead and listen not fire those who disagree with him.
The greatest gift of all
"I pray all cats are as warm and happy as I am"

First Community Christmas

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TIM, who knew more about TWD than anyone else in the room, thought about JOE'S  last comment. There are some demented people out there. "Friends of TWD" ?  Don't think anyone could be that insane
JOE KENDAL was asked about the safety of the TWDism cure and  people who come to get it.  He laughed. We have enough to give it to over 1,000  people and have gallons more being made daily. The more people getting it, the better.  I want to see this curse eradicated. If we can safely have it given at other locations, I'd like it. But that's up to the doctors and lab guys." Stolen?  They are giving it away. Who would want to prevent its use?
FRANK, also present, asked Tim about outside activity. TIM said: We haven't seen a single Walker because we scared off the living idiots to warn others to stay away. So, they are killing each other far away from us. We get visiting relatives who must be met by said relative.  We have increased all guards so all new fences, windows and outside areas are protected as before."


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Mrs. Kendal loves her son-in-law but wants him safe, mindful of his wife and future children.
Timothy G. Swiften ponders son's marriage.

on hold-upcoming

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At the fence, John asked TIM if he is going to tell anyone about the encounter and how scared he was. TIM said   only as a warning to not travel so far alone.
Tim tells him to be still and "don't make a sound. Do NOT let him sense fear. Is he facing us?  (JOHN said he didn't think so.) Ok, watch him as best you can. Remember we're fast and can climb a tree in seconds."
Tim and John Kendal out in the woods. John sees a large beast behind them and is terrified.

Menace in the Sun

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"Our Scriptwriter has been negligent, but we have been busy. We have greatly enlarged the size of the compound. We have a clinic, labs, living quarters for medical people and researchers,  We have doubled our agriculture space and we will need to build a larger or second barn. A progress report will be presented soon. Our population and size have more than doubled. No one has been harmed.

A New World

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Maggie has concerns about the safety of the new cure, especially for children. Other women, especially those who are  pregnant,  may worry more about side effects   than TWDism.
Bob Hobbs said "we were up by building , practice, July 4, and now building a clinic and lab and procuring needed supplies and equipment. Anyone here with medical training  will will be assigned to organize the  "Operation Giant" progress will be made public asap.
Following a farewell lunch, Eugene said he would probably return when the drugs arrived. His hosts thanked him for coming and his help re-roofing the barn which was blown off in a violent storm. He winked, and said 'easy peasy", as usual. And he was back in his car, happy he had returned but happy to be going home as well.

A Cure for TWDISM

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After breakfast, Eugene. set up a slide presentation and asked Gately to pull up everything on virology research at facilities where he had been and  others working on the  TWD syndrome virus
Winthrope Holmes, Solomon's nephew, appointed himself to stand guard outside Eugene's suite in case he woke up and needed anything. Memories of the past could be troubling and he could fetch him warm milk to help him sleep.
Solomon Holmes assured him that he agreed. "The hour is late and we too are weary. You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. During dinner you said you wanted to thank our chef. He's still in the kitchen so thank him and tell him what you want for breakfast. I  know he'll ask. I am ready for bed and I wish you all a good night's rest."

Eugene Arrives

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Head Chef George Ramsay was about to prepare lunch and said he would be delighted to  do so.

Eugene to Visit.

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Our last Fourth was hard work, but a success. Now, We have only fear and sorrow.  No one knows  we exist so no Covid here.
Jay Edgar is accustomed to long hours and drinks gallons of coffee. Yesterday, he had the chef brew gallons of strong coffee for all security staff. After an assessment of the land outside, he called for a meeting with all security
Guard two days after July 4 action and following day cleaning.

The 4th of July

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Frank agreed. "TIM,  you know the most about those outside and   should advise the fence guards about what to expect and how to react. I think you and your staff should work with the guard managers. You'll be safe and so will the community. I don't want to see any fighting inside the compound." Tim Swiften agreed to assist the fence guards, with much relief.
Timothy Swiften, director of exterior security, found Frank the next morning. He said: "I do not want any of my staff outside tomorrow night. Too dangerous and unnecessary. The guards can handle it. Damned if I'll risk anyone getting shot."
Alfie Brewster, listening to every word as usual was aghast. Not understanding what July 4 meant he decided to sneak out and visit reletives for a week. First, he went to the kitchen for a hearty meal and a bowl of water. If he moved with haste, he could be there in time for lunch. KIssing his mother goodbye, he fled into the night.

"Operation Giant Drop"

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TWD-Not Honored

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Carol and the fake "King" ? No way.  Junior League, cookie-baking, bridge-playing, Catholic mother to all Carol? Impossible.


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Timothy Swiften, present at the unveiling, said"I'm glad the people we see every day were not included. That would be creepy."
The Memorial board was unveiled.. The best are in the center, the evil on the left (dead or alive) and those not around living on the right. 2-EVIL & ABSENT

TWO Honored

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Frank was greatly relieved . "Now I don"t  have to make a fool of myself. We could get fake giants, even waterproof cardboard would be cheap and made quickly. Then rent a few helicopters to drop them at night. It shouldn't be hard or horribly expensive. I'll talk to Solomon to get his approval."
Felix Nostrodamus talked to Frank:"we don't need NBA players,  just giants. Eight foot tall dummies will be just as effective. At night with blinding lights and noise, the reaction will be the same. And easier to do."
Solomon listened to Tim   and sighed. "You probably have the hardest job here. I couldn't handle it for a week, yet you've been out there for months. You are so brave and it will be tough to find anyone who can replace you. But clearly, you can't be asked to continue. We must and will find a way to get rid of them. They keep us imprisoned in this compound. We deserve better. But, dear Tim, I want you to rest, spend time with your family and friends. You are a loved and respected hero. Stay."

Felix's Dilemma

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Solomon Holmes met privately with Joe Kendal, Jay Edgat and George Martin to ask if they suspected spies in their midst. "Tim told me he had seen at least one who was part of a group outside." Joe and Jay agreed it was likely. "People don't  watch teens who do sneak out. It's possible. I think we should talk about it at the emergency session.
Solomon Holmes pointed out that nothing will chang until we get outside help to teach            our men how to.                     outsmart and overcome.                 those who endanger us . The hour is late and I think we should  get some sleep and meet again tommorow. All agreed.
Frank added: "it wouldn't be a bad idea to exile Negan either. He is evil to the core. If a few others come, they can be imprisoned here until we exile them. They might be able to tell us about trouble coming our way."

Emergency Meeting

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"Maybe he forgot. Brain fog, drugs, he never thinks of others."


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Being told dinner would be served outside, Chef Ramsay asked Mrs. Bridges to get waiters and others to setup a large table and get glassware, plates and everything set-up. "There's more space and we can make coffee, cook and make ice out there so it's easier."

On Hold Cast

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Solomon Holmes said "Thank God  Joe Biden will be president next year. Cleaning up after the nightmare Trump created will be nearly impossible, but he is the right man at the right time. He is a healer with the experience to get the best people to help him and Harris to prevent a civil war and restore national security. "
Solomon Holmes was horrified by not only Trump's insane cruelty but Republicans betraying Americans who are starving, homeless, dying and dead.

Comments and Opinions

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"I wish I knew why I have to wash myself so much. I spend most of my time sleeping or lying on the floor watching TV."
Frank's been dating a vet.
In the greenhouse

Daily Events

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Reverend Phillips of Unity Church led the congregation in a prayer of thanks that the Orange Monster has been replaced by a good man.

News, Alerts and Upcoming Events

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Three piglets were born today!!!
The meeting concluded with the agreement that Daryl should be asked to assist with transportation needs, and choose community members to drive and use horses to haul food, wood and other necessities for all.
Jay Edgar agreed. "If Frank and Joe agree, I'm willing to see if this will work." It was agreed that this should be approved on a trial basis.

First Meeting of New Cast re: status

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