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Get Lost and Find Yourself - one color poster design from a series of limited edition giclee prints.
Squeeze is a minimalist design created by Rhode Island School of Design graduate Nic Wallenberg. The design is an asymmetric joint that lets straight timber bend. Utilising the unique degree of flexibility that is inherent in Hickory (a popular species of wood for bow making), asymmetrically positioned slots are machined through the thickness of the timber around the frame, the seat and the back. (2)
#Бондарное ремесло. Приспособления для стягивания бочечных клепок
Coopered Shelf - Staves Details
wet cooperage - Google Search
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Cooper- barrel making
Barrel Making. Now I know how Ronnie Sinclair did his job!
Workshop of a Cooper (Barrel Maker) Giclee Print
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