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I have it all with you baby and glad you do everything with me, you don't do with anyone else makes me feel special but then again you always make me feel special xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

His love roared louder than her demons

Baby, flip this around - my love roars louder than your demons. I love you, you Sexy Beast! Thank you for spending the time with me this weekend. Like I said - I want to make you happy! I love you so much!

Will you dive deep enough into your courage to love me when I am a storm. Arriving without warning and destroying the fields. Will you be strong enough to move backwards to repair the damage, to stand in the debris of a thousand broken homes and say we will rebuild this with our actions, our words, our love making - we have all the tools we need. Will you be loyal enough, a martyr of the great kingdoms of strength - to hold me when I have become a flame which emerged from the mouth of…

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