Friends Art Lab

Epic Summer Process Art
To keep cool outside, we have to get pretty creative with our activities, so with no further ado, let’s meet paint popsicles.
Paint Popsicles in 3 Easy Steps
Whether it’s warm or cold outside, these are always a fun process-art exploration. We love these in July just as much as we do in February.
Let's Make Paint Popsicles!
These are a make-the-day-ahead of time kind of thing, so the day of, you just pop them out of the freezer and go!
Preschool Summer Activity
Even though you can’t eat these, they’re still the best popsicles around.
Art Meets Sensory Fun
Popsicles can be made from many different things: fresh smoothies, fruit juices, and…paint? Oh, yeah! Paint popsicles are a sensory delight.
Fourth of July Coloring Banner
Our GIANT 10-foot 4th of July coloring page banner is larger-than-life fun for kids and adults of all ages!
Add a GIANT Coloring Banne to Your 4th of July Parties
From a one person masterpiece to a collaborative group, class, or family project – it’s the perfect size for EVERYONE to enjoy!
GIANT Fourth of July Coloring Banner
Decorate with any of your favorite art supplies! We love using crayons, markers, tempera sticks, oil pastels, and paints.
Fourth of July Coloring Page
GIANT 10-foot 4th of July coloring page banner
Glitter Water Table
Add a splash of glitter paint into your water table for a beautiful, colorful, sparkly sensory water table.
Sparkly Water Table Activity for Kids
We love water tables so much so that we have them available for our preschoolers during every month of the year.
Sparkly Water Play
This is the perfect outdoor activity that will keep your littles ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Glitter paint isn’t just for paper anymore!
Why Glitter Paint and Water Go Together
Sensory water play is 10x cooler when it’s sparkly adn we can't wait for you to try it!
Easy Summer Activity for Kids
One of the easiest ways to build and maintain interest at the water table is by changing the color of the water. Color changes everything!
Coloring Pages + Jell-O = EPIC FUN!
With glue and flavored gelatin, you can turn regular coloring pages into magical, scented, interactive, colorful, crazy-amazing hours of fun.