4th of July

fourth grade math worksheet to help students learn how to measure the height of cupcakes
4th of July Measurement and Data Worksheet
Measure and record the blocks with this 4th of July themed worksheet
a fourth grade math worksheet with numbers
4th of July Numbers Worksheet
Work on number ordering and counting skills with this 4th of July math worksheet
a worksheet for counting and color
Count and Color Worksheets 4th of July
Work on improving counting skills with this preschool counting worksheet. Kids will need to count and color the objects.
the worksheet for counting to 10 with numbers and hats on it, which is also
Independence Day Math Worksheet
This math worksheet incorporates tracing, ordering numbers, coloring, cutting, and pasting.
fourth of july word search worksheet
4th of July Word Search Game
Make Independence Day fun with this 4th of July Word Search! Expand vocabulary with a game
worksheet for beginning and ending the letter o with pictures to print out on
4th of July Literacy Worksheet
Work on tracing and handwriting with this 4th of July worksheet
shadow matching worksheet for children to practice shadows and shapes in the shape of hats
4th of July Shadow Matching
This shadow matching 4th of July themed worksheet works on visual discrimination skills
color the pictures worksheet for fourth grade students to practice their language and writing skills
4th of July color worksheet
This fourth of july coloring page works on color recognition.
the worksheet for which one is different? with pictures and numbers on it
4th of July worksheets - Visual discrimination
Preschool and kindergarten which one is different (different and same) printable pdf worksheets.