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Hoop House Cold Frame Video. DIY Hoop House uses wire mesh instead of PVC. More Info: This is one of several hoop houses we have made, the wire mesh is inexpensive. See our site for where to buy the thermal vent we use.

How to build a garden cold frame mini greenhouse diy project is perfect for jump starting your spring seedling and extending the fall season garden.

How to Harvest and Cure Onions #vegetable_gardening

How to Harvest Onions When your onions finish developing. When they’ve finished developing, you’ll notice the lowest leaves start to yellow and wither. Shortly after, the stems will flop over .

prune grapes #wine #winery #wineeducation

Me and Jessica need a garden! How to Espalier Fruit Trees . one of the easiest ways to include fruit trees in a small space garden and maximise your yield. Fruit grows on horizontal branches, leaves grow on verticals!