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Pls call 911 for heavy blood loss through the nasal cavity

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bc that's dirty asf || Attack on Titan ♜

Omg thankyou someone finally understands! Levi would never lick blood, and licking titan blood is worse, like holy crap.>>> you know what makes this even funnier is that the first picture was official art in the manga by Isayama.

Artist Levi painting Eren's eyes, Ereri

Wouldn't it be cute if this was him reincarnated but Levi remembers his face but doesn't remember Eren until he sees him? My weird mind♡

Levi | Attack on Titan | Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Ovaries

Ovary Obliterator — I painted over my old Surfer!Levi Drawing I did.


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Tan dormilones

“these r/s between maknaeline makes me cry look at Taekook sleeping together & Jimin got bathed by Taehyung I'm fine”