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a person typing on a laptop with the title 5 rules for choosing the right character names
5 Rules for Naming Fictional Characters
Names say a lot about our characters. From the era they live in to their history, family, or even personality, a well-chosen name is the perfect summary of a character. Of course, this means…
books on top of each other with the title 7 of the best books on writing and one
7 of the Best Books on Writing (And One Bonus!) | The Novel Smithy
Writing a novel is not that different from finding diamonds. Without the skill to pull it from the rock, polish it, and shape it, raw diamonds look nothing like the shimmering gemstones we all know. Your inner story is no different. That’s where books come in. They are there to guide you from raw inspiration to completed story. So, here are ten of the best books you can read to help power-up your writing, ranging from books on story structure to self-editing. Enjoy!
An unrelenting sun and high humidity can turn your writing area into a virtual steam sauna. Here are a few tips to make life more livable during hot weather.
Too Hot to Think About Writing? Try These Cool Tips
An unrelenting sun and high humidity can turn your writing area into a virtual steam sauna. Here are a few tips to make life more livable during hot weather.
a woman with her back to the camera text reads 11 do's and don'ts of writing dialog how to make your characters stand out
11 Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Dialog | The Novel Smithy
Many otherwise stellar novels are dragged down by cumbersome, stilted, or outright frustrating dialog. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules for writing dialog that can make a huge difference for your novel and character development. Plus, they'll mak
a woman holding a shell in front of her face with the words writing group to join - listen talk write by the sea
Writing Group to Join
Why Monday Morning Manifestors? Because you’ll:
the basics of scene structure how to save your novel's scenes with four easy method
The Basics of Scene Structure; Action and Reaction
Story structure isn’t the only key to a compelling novel. No matter how great the blueprints are for your house, you need good quality bricks to build it with. Your story is no different, and that’s where another type of structure comes in; scene structure.
the words, we don't all sound the same writing should reflect that in front of
Mispronunciation Can Help Create Distinctive Characters
Characters who all talk the same will seem unrealistic. One way to differentiate them is to create dialogue that includes mispronunciations. #Writing #Dialogue
a notebook with the title 24 ways to use a writer's notebook from brainstorming to pushing here how you can make your work for you
24 Ways to Use a Writer's Notebook
From brainstorming to outlining, publishing, and more, here are 24 creative ways to use your writer's notebook!
a woman sitting at a table writing in front of a typewriter with the title 10 ways to break through writer's block
Don't Let Writer's Block Trip You Up!
Don't Let Writer's Block Trip You Up! - Law of Attraction for Writers
the front cover of a book with an image of a woman's hands in yoga position
Early Lessons in the Yoga of Writing
Writers On The Move: Early Lessons in the Yoga of Writing
two people standing on the beach with text overlay that reads, writing a trilogy how to plan and prepare for a series of novels
Writing a Trilogy: How to Plan and Prepare for a Series of Novels
Writing a trilogy of novels comes with many unique challenges. Fortunately, having the right plan before you start can save you from massive rewrites and headaches down the road. #novelwriting #trilogy #bookseries #writing
a buddha statue with the words 50 character creation questions you need to ask on it
Character Creation Questionnaire: 50 Questions You Should Be Asking - The Novel Smithy
What makes for a good character questionnaire? Many focus on only surface concerns like appearance and habits, but there’s more to your cast than just their personalities. So, in this article, let’s explore fifty (better) character creation questions—as well as how you can use them to write an awesome cast! ✍
a man and woman standing on the beach next to an advertisement for a book club
A Book Club for Writers
📚 Welcome to Our New Free Monthly Book Club! 📚 Here’s What to Expect from Writers’ Book Chat: 📖 Monthly book selections that cover some aspect of writing or the business of writing. 🗣️ Engaging discussions. 🌟 Opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your literary circle. 🎉 Exclusive events, author Q&As, and surprises along the way!
a person writing on a notebook with the title free writing series middle grade character development
Free Writing Series: Middle grade character development
Are you interested in writing a middle grade novel? Explore our free writing series and learn the tools of character development from a Publisher and Senior Editor at Chicken Scratch Books.
a hand holding a red book with the title story consumption you are what you read
Story Consumption: How to Read Like a Writer | Craft Articles
Five considerations for reading like a writer. | stormwritingschool.com