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Chocolates caseros
Chocolates caseros! Una rápida y deliciosa manera de preparar unos chocolates caseros! Un sinfin de posibilidades te esperan! 🍫😍🥳
some chocolates are sitting on a cutting board
DIY Geschenk: Schokolade am Stiel (für heiße Schokolade) - TRYTRYTRY
Cuillères en chocolat
Afin de rendre votre lait chaud ou votre café encore plus gourmand, tentez les cuillères de chocolat !
there are four candy spoons on the plate
Hot Cocoa on a Stick
six spoons are wrapped in plastic and decorated with candy canes, candies, and snowmen
Vintage Chocolate Dipping Spoons
Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? These delicious vintage chocolate dipping spoons are perfect for holiday gift giving and cost under $10 bucks. Use them to dip in hot chocolate or to spruce up your favorite coffee or latte. I've been collecting these spoons for a while now. The best place to find them is garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores & antique shops. Don't pay more than $1.00 for each spoon. I have found them for as low as 10 cents and bought 3 vintage spoons together...
a spoon is pouring chocolate into a heart shaped muffin pan
Gourmet Candy Hearts - Made At Home - Makes A Great Gift! — Lily The Wandering Gypsy
Gourmet Candy Hearts
러블리 3종 바크 초콜릿
정성 가득 예쁨 뿜뿜 발렌타인 바크 초콜릿 ^^ 녹차, 딸기, 오레오 3종 세트! 핑크, 화이트, 그린... 비주얼도 화려하고 맛도 고소한 정성백배 바크 초콜릿 ! 토핑도 취향대로 예쁘게 꾸밀 수 있어 사랑받는 레시피 ^^ 예쁜 초콜릿과 함께 그의 마음도 살살 녹이세요 !