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a moss covered wreath with red berries and green leaves on it sitting on a wooden table
Fleuropean - Floral retreats, flower workshops, and creative experiences at a European chateau
a wreath with mushrooms, pine cones and other decorations on top of a wooden table
Alles aus der Natur – mein Waldkranz im Herbst
a wreath made out of acorns and moss with two red candles on top
Kastanien Kranz
a wreath on top of a fireplace with candles in the background
Farmhouse Inspired Fall Mantel Decor - French Country Cottage
an apple wreath hanging on the side of a wooden fence with apples and grass around it
Őszi színpompa bogyókkal
a wreath on the front door with flowers and leaves hanging from it's side
a fall wreath with pumpkins, berries and other autumn decorations hanging on a wooden door
Fall Wreath Fall Swag Autumn Swag Autumn Wreath Rustic - Etsy
a wreath made out of moss, pine cones and acorns
a wreath made out of acorns and pine cones on top of wood logs
a wreath with pink flowers and greenery on it sitting in front of a wooden wall