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a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a white counter next to a vase
Cocktails (21+ to follow) on Instagram: "Frozen Espresso Martini’s are the drink of the summer 🫢🍸 Tag someone who needs to make these asap #frozenespressomartini #espressomartini #summercocktails#summerdrinks"
two people holding oranges in their hands and one is holding a wine glass with the word ingredient frozen aperol spritz
Nicole Keshishian Modic | KALEJUNKIE® on Instagram: "Follow @kalejunkie for more! 🍊 3-INGREDIENT FROZEN APEROL SPRITZ because it’s the weekend and we made it! ☺️ One of my favorite summer drinks is an aperol spritz. I always pretend I’m sipping on one while sunbathing on a boat somewhere off the amalfi coast. And yet I’m just at home. Sitting on my couch. 😂😂 So anyways, make it. Comment “links” and I will DM you the products I used in this video (glasses, blender, etc). Does the blending of the Prosecco make the drink lose the carbonation? Somewhat. BUT, the key is not to blend too long so it retains some fizz! 30 seconds max! The Prosecco also adds a really nice flavor, so it really doesn’t matter! Makes 2 drinks 2 cups ice 4 oz orange juice 4 oz @aperolusa 4 oz prosecco Add all
two glasses filled with orange juice next to sliced oranges
688K views · 32K likes | Sarah Gualtieri on Instagram: "I don’t think I’ll ever make a Mimosa without Aperol again. This one is perfect for Easter brunch 🌸 #cocktails #mimosa #aperol #springdrinks"
a person holding up an orange drink in front of some bushes and trees with the words frozen apricot spritz on it
Julianna McIntosh on Instagram: "Ending the year with 2023’s most viral recipe, The Frozen Aperol Spritz, with over 26 million views 🤯 I’m SO thankful for all of you Join Jules Cocktail Club members. I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings & what we’ll be shaking up. Here’s a big cheers to you and your last day of 2023. Hope you’re sipping on something delicious. Now, here’s how to make this in case you missed it: 1/2 of one orange, frozen 2 oz Aperol 3 oz Prosecco 1 oz soda water 1 cup ice Blend until smooth Pour into your favorite glass Garnish with an orange slice! Xoxo, cheers #aperol #aperolspritz #frozendrinks #summerdrinks #cocktailrecipes"
a strawberry lemoncello spritz is garnished with sliced strawberries
Stephanie Wahler on Instagram: "Pucker up this Valentine’s Day with a Strawberry Limoncello Spritz 🍋🍓💋 3 oz Limoncello 2 oz strawberry purée 6 oz Prosecco 2 oz sparkling water Sliced lemon slice and strawberries for garnish Add all ingredients to a wine glass filled with ice Strawberry purée- Blend 1 cup of strawberries with 2 tbsp of water until puréed #limoncello #limoncello🍋 #valentinesdaycocktail #galentinesdayparty #strawberrylimoncello #limoncellospritz #girlsnightsdrink #galentinesdaycocktails #spritz #spritzrecipe"
a woman is pouring something into a glass
a woman standing in front of a counter preparing food
cellajaneblog on Instagram: Easy Espresso Martini ☕️ 🍸 // 1 fluid ounce brewed espresso 1 ½ fluid ounces vodka 1 ½ fluid ounces coffee-flavored liqueur (such as…
the sisters'table homemade baileys irish cream is featured on this page in their book
The Sisters' Table on Instagram: “This recipe is quick and easy to make. Its rich, creamy and absolutely delicious. It's dessert in a glass! As the Irish say "slainte"…”
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Irish creme liqueur pouring into a glass full of ice.
two martini glasses sitting on top of a table next to a potted christmas tree
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Drink Barbie shot
a pink lemonade drink with ice on the rim and in front of it is an ad for buffalo juice
and it's pink!
a drink with pink lemonade and vodka in it
Anchored Grace Boutique | Graphic Tees & Giftware
Pink panties or tequila instead of vodka...and limeade ;)
two glasses filled with pink lemonade next to each other
Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade Recipe - The WHOot
Real Lemonade #drink #alcohol #recipe