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{ Oli Sykes } "Hey. I'm Oli. I am 22 and single. I have a younger sister named Layla. If you hurt her I will kill you. I am a nice guy even though it might not look that way. I like to be around people and hangout with my friends. I'm usually in the studio. I love making music. I also like tattoos. Other than that there isn't much to know about me. Come introduce yourself."

hey i'm Oli Skyes I live here with my best friend Hana. We help own a tattoo shop but to help i'm a machinic. I hate that people stare but we didnt do anything we've bee hanging out with Grant and Nori,

.:.:.:.:.:.Bring Me The Horizon.:.:.:.:.:.

Your eyes are swallowing me Mirrors start to whisper Shadows start to sing My skin's smothering me Help me find a way to breathe -Sleepwalking BMTH

The Devil In I - Slipknot Ever hear that one song that describes a situation you have lived through. Here's one that does just that for multiple life events I can recall.

The Devil In I! You and I can't decide which of us was taken for granted make amends some of us are destined to be outlived. Step inside see the devil in I.

Asking Alexandria. If only Danny was still in the band. Denis is great but I miss Danny

Asking Alexandria British Boy Band. Except, then there's Bring Me The Horizon, and Danny left AA.