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Tax Deductions for teachers v7---

Teacher tax deductions - Great ways to boost your tax refund

Teachers! Do you know all the tax deductions you can claim each year? Find out what teacher tax deductions you can claim to boost your refund with our blog on tax deductions for teachers.

I want this in my classroom!!!
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NO PAPERS ON THE DESK! Eliminate the tower of papers on your desk. Must do this

Check, Check and Check!

I had a very productive day today and I LOVE days like that! I was able to go to the school and work on curriculum with a team member of mine for the entire day...that may not sound like fun to you--but in our eyes, planning ahead is fun because it makes our lives easier! I am very excited about the team I will be working with next year and I am glad we are ready to hit the ground running in August! I also was able to squeeze in a little work in my room. I cannot do everything I want to…

Love this idea!!! Use these FREE highlighter labels to help students keep organized and engaged while close reading! Also terrific for test prep for older grades. Each label has an I CAN statement to keep your good readers focused on the task at hand.

Close Reading Highlighter Labels

Love this idea!!! Use these FREE highlighter labels to help students keep organized and engaged while close reading! Also terrific for test prep for older grades. Each label has an I CAN statement to keep your good readers focused on the task at hand.

We LOVE this message and the lights!!!! This would be a great bulletin board for the beginning of the school year. Goes great with the Student Success Skills and Second Step lessons.

An In-Depth Tour of Mr. Hughes' Classroom

Greetings Fellow Teachers and Friends! I am excited to bring you the first ever tour of my classroom. I have to be honest here and tell you that I almost cancelled the whole picture tour after seeing all the really amazing rooms that are out there for your viewing pleasure. However, I guess there really is no "perfect" classroom, and I am proud of my room and all the hard work it took to get it in this state! AND... ON WITH THE TOUR!!!! Okay, I will be the first to admit that I don't have a…

Great classroom door

Great classroom door

Organization for the classroom

Getting Organized

Teachers officially go back in one week...which of course means I have been to my classroom several times already. I wanted to start th...

End of Year Treat.

Welcoming summer!

I've been CRAZY busy for the last week or so- can I get a witness? The last two weeks of school wipes me out every year! However, this yea...

Graphic of At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations to Help Kids With Slow Processing Speed

Classroom Accommodations for Slow Processing Speed

Slow processing speed can impact learning at all stages. Find out how teachers can help your child in the classroom. Get ideas for classroom accommodations.

Comparing and Contrasting Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts. This blog post includes an anchor chart, freebies, interactive notebook templates, and task cards to help you teach this tricky concept!

Analyzing Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts - Teaching with a Mountain View

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.4.6 Compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same event or topic; describe the differences in focus and the information provided. I’m not going to lie. This was a scary standard for me to tackle. It’s one of those that you Google, and almost nothing comes up. Sure, pulling out nonfiction resources ... Read more

This is great for a middle school our high school class room. Maybe, just maybe, a girl or boy will read it and remember at the right moment.

I Think I'm Going To Try That....

I know a lot of people can be on Pinterest for hours, but me...I usually just use the search to find what I'm looking for... look around for a few minutes and keep it moving. Not last night. Man, if this could only be true. I found someone's teaching board and went nuts. Ha! She MUST be teacher of the year somewhere. :) Just wanted to share some of my favorite finds this week. Follow my school board if you're interested. *I tried to cite what I could...but you know Pinterest, some links are…

Learning is Something to Treasure: Monday Made It: 8-12-13 + FREEBIES

Monday Made It: 8-12-13 + FREEBIES

Wowzers! I'm back for another Monday Made It with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics ! I have been in full school mode these past 2 weeks,...

red- share an embarassing moment   yellow- share a goal for the year   orange- tell the story behind a scar on your body   pink- share your best personal quality    First day of school

Teaching Thursday - First Days of School

Welcome to Teaching Thursdays! For info on how Teaching Thursdays came about, check out this post! Many of you fabulous teachers will be meeting this year's students next week. Or maybe you met them recently. Either way, I always spent the first day or two adding in 'get to know you' activities as a class or ice breakers to do in groups. Here are two of my favorites: 1. Starburst Game - image from here Grab a whole bag of starbursts (or similar candy with colors) and pass out to students…

Free Lunchbox Printable: One Smart Cookie - SheSaved®

Free Lunchbox Printable: One Smart Cookie

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