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Self harm

Please don't hurt yourselves! Like cutting or not eating or any self harm. Just say okay I'm not gonna cut today don't even plan tomorrow. You don't have to tell yourself you're not gonna cut tomorrow. Just don't cut today and see what happens

Please Seek Help...Life Does Get Better...We Love You & Want You to Learn to Love Yourself Again...Peace Love & Hope @}--'-,--

these are sll thr things i hear at school and they sit there and stare at my wrist and then I find an empty stall and add to my collection;

suicide quotes | love death blood life depression sad suicide quotes cut original rope ...

new account just want you guys to know i caption all my picture with my original words so im not just posting pics im putting thought into it

And Thats Who I Am.. Depression. Hurt. Anorexia. Bullied. Brocken. Death. Cutter. Self-Harm. Depressed. Suicidal. Sad. Bulimia. Paranoia. Anxiety. Panic. Eating Disorder. Voices. Lost. Self Hate.  Misunderstood.  Alone. Drugs. Hard. Judged. Alcohol. Cigarette. Panic. Recovery. Alive. Help. Strong. Cry. Life. Addiction. Pills. Bad. Hope.

I hate when people just think that watching a funny movie or listening to a happy song will fix my depression you can't fix it only I can and right now I'm just not strong enough. This pin is true for me and everyone who suffers from chronic depression.