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a sign on a fence that says, west virginia penentiary established in 1876
After the gothic-style prison was closed and abandoned, it became one of West Virginia's most haunted attractions, as tales of paranormal activity began to be told all around town.
an open door leading into a dark room with exposed brick walls and peeling paint on the walls
As if the idea of taking a tour of an old abandoned prison wasn't already creepy enough, during the fall the West Virginia Penitentiary turns into a haunted house and offers chilling tours to anyone who's brave enough to take them.
the inside of a jail cell with bars and cages on either side of the door
With tours available all throughout the year, you'll find there are quite a few ways to explore the West Virginia Penitentiary...
an old electrical box in a jail cell
If you're really feeling up for all that the West Virginia Penitentiary has to bring to the table during the Halloween season, then you can also sign up for things like the Zombie Paintball events where you'll be tasked with gunning down loose zombies in the South Yard with stationary paintball guns. Woah!
an old building lit up with green lights
If you've never experienced a tour through the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, there's never been a more perfect time to plan a visit than now.
a warning sign posted on the side of an old building that has been gutted
...but no matter which tour you end up taking, you'll <i>always</i> be required to sign a waiver where you’ll release Moundsville Economic Development Council and the West Virginia Division of Corrections from any claims as a result of injuries or damages.
the inside of a storage room filled with lots of cages
Those who aren't faint of heart can also pair up the North Walk with the Dungeon of Horrors - where following the flashlight tour you’ll be locked in a cell, get lost in a maze, and have to walk down terrifying dungeons that will make every hair on your body stand up straight.
an old building with a clock on the top of it's tower and many windows
Some residents of West Virginia may remember the fact that the West Virginia Penitentiary was up and running between 1876 and 1995, but in current times it acts as one of our state's most eerie attractions.
a dimly lit hallway with wooden benches and railings in the dark, empty room
Out in Mashall County, people can now visit the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville to tour through chilling parts of the prison that were never before open to the public.
an old jail cell with bars and pictures on the floor in it's cage
During the Halloween season, West Virginians can get tickets for things like the North Walk, a 50-minute guided tour where you'll go through the oldest parts of the prison that are known for having the most paranormal activity.
an old building with the words visitors must sign a waiver to enter this haunted prison
The West Virginia Penitentiary In West Virginia Is So Scary You Have To Sign A Waiver To Enter
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