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a painting of a fairy with stars in the sky and flowers on it's back
Rapunzel mural inspired by Claire Keane by Courtney Myers
an image of birds and bears in the forest with leaves on it's sides
an artistic painting with animals and birds in it
an illustration of two people and animals in the middle of a colorful scene with stars
Tangled Birthday Party!!
an image of some animals and birds in the woods with leaves around them on a purple background
— rapunzel ♡
an artistic painting with birds and animals on it's back side, in pastel colors
Tangled art
a drawing of an old building with many windows
Disney News | Disney
Rapunzel's Walls
an artistic painting on the side of a wall
an illustration of animals and plants with the words, nature kawaie i digital
CLAIRE KEANE Claire keane
Snippet from my designs for Rapunzel’s mural painting in The Art of Tangled book.Join me, Saturday, March 14th at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena! I will be speaking about my creative process and the influence my work on Tangled has had on the creation of my new children’s book, Once Upon A Cloud, which I will be reading and signing as well. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served! Click here for the event page
a woman is standing in front of a colorful wall with animals and birds painted on it
an artistic painting with animals and people on it
Tangled Inspiration
an image of a painting with animals and princesses in the woods on it's side
Rapunzel's art sooooo pretty
an artistic painting on the wall of a room
Claire Keane - The Art of Disney
Le côté arbre de vie et douceur