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Remarkably Wee Tool Chest

1/12 scale miniature replica of an antique tool chest from Colonial Williamsburg

Miniature Machines

Snap-on Adjustable Bias Binder Foot For Brother Singer Janome Sewing Machine NEW

Snap on Adjustable Bias Binder Foot for Brother Singer Janome Sewing Machine New | eBay

What a beautiful machine! I wish I had one. Goyen Ornamental treadle lathe

A beautiful and original Derbyshire Micromill Model 750-S with ball-bearing headstock and cam-operated vertical slide with screw-feed vertical adjustment. The 12-inch table has screw feeds to each axis and the machine is complete with a cutter arbor, overarm support and the rare "Semi-universal Index Centers"

$32 Mike Savad - Before electricity was exploited they used water. A turbine spun, and cables and belts then in turn made the machines worked. It was terribly dangerous, and rather loud. But it was faster and easier to do it by hand. #steampunk #trade #buildingTrades #carpentry #woodworker #mancave #oldSchool

Adjustable Vice Jaw Benders - Sheet Metal Bending - Sheet Metalworking - Metal…

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