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a woman standing in front of a white wall wearing a brown shirt and skirt with zippers
none | Sylva Antony Čekalová
an orange and grey striped scarf hanging from the back of a black jacket on a mannequin's head
sprang bonnets from the 1500s, a proposed reconstruction
a piece of string art hanging from a clothes line
none | Sylva Antony Čekalová
a close up view of a knitted piece of cloth with white and brown stripes
Krosienky - sprang
Inspiration, Models, Linen Fabric, Vintage Knitting
Lengberg sprang headwear
a close up of a piece of cloth hanging on a clothes line
This Sprang has Sprung
a crocheted bag sitting on top of a black surface
Return to Sprang
an old black and white photo of a chair
Sprang looms | Leikkiä langalla – Playing with yarn
an orange and gray knitted scarf hanging on a wooden rack with the word haraca written in green
a purple and white knitted object sitting on top of a table
Muestra bicolor en entrepasado oblicuo
an old weaving machine with blue yarn on it's sides and two wooden poles
Vacancéo, LA communauté voyage : forums, photos, avis et comparateurs de prix