Light Tunnels

The Vortex Light Tunnel is perfect for any automotive display or work. This light tunnel makes film application and paint correcting a breeze. The tunnel comes…
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a neon sign that says v is sitting on a chair in front of a purple wall
Neon Builder
Cool Custom Neon LED Signs Louis Vuitton Event Signs
a red sports car parked in a garage
Light Tunnel & A Beautiful Ferrari
You work hard for your cars so it’s only natural to want to show them off. Take it to another level by using our Light Tunnels. We have many different options available on our website. We ship worldwide! #ferrari #lightunnels #getlitledlighting #lightinginspiration #lightingideas #garage #cars #lights
a blue sports car is parked in a garage with its doors open and it's hood up
Garage Light Tunnel #lightunnel #mclaren #getlitled
Need to add some extra flare to that garage? A Light Tunnel is the perfect solution for you. #getlitled #lighting #light