Top 6 barber shop design ideas Barber lighting

Amazing barbershop design ideas.
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the interior of a nightclub with black leather couches and neon lights on the ceiling
Top 6 Barbershop Design Ideas.
This finish is amazing using 6500k white led hexagon lights with a blue perimetr border.
the interior of a salon with chairs and plants
Top 6 Barbershop design ideas
This design is amazing. Very bright and appealing to walkby traffic.
the interior of a barber shop with black marble flooring and gold accents on the walls
Top 6 Barbershop Design Ideas
Black on black with a gold highlight. Very classy. Hexagon 6500k led lights.
an empty salon with chairs and mirrors on the walls, lights in the ceiling and wood flooring
Top 6 Barbershop Design Ideas
Neutral colours with a 3500k wark Hexagrid led light.
people are sitting in the waiting room for their haircuts
Top 6 barber shop design ideas
Simple and effective design using murals floating floors and Hexagrid led lighting.
the interior of an office with many chairs and desks in it, all lit up by lights
Top 6 barber shop design ideas
Amazing high gloss floors with Hexagrid lights amd living plants.