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a man with an orange turban on his head and scarf around his neck
© Mattia Passarini
a woman with curly hair wearing a green and yellow head scarf on her head is looking at the camera
an old woman is holding a spoon in her hand
an old man with white hair and beard wearing a baseball cap smiles at the camera
Stunning portraits capture Ethiopian elders in Lailbela
Photographer Roberto Pazzi travelled to Lalibela, in north Ethiopia, where he spent two weeks with a tribe, learning about their culture and taking their photographs
three blue butterflies sitting on top of a tall grass plant in front of a brown and white background
a spiral staircase in a stone and wood home
I love this Viking /medieval/rustic style for house interiors #rusticarchitecture
a beautiful woman with long hair posing for a black and white photo wearing a bra
an old black and white photo of two native americans with a baby on his lap
Inuit Family dressed in Winter clothing, Alaska -- (Date: 1903).
a woman holding a baby in her arms and kissing the face of an adult elephant
The Family of Man: photography that united the planet – in pictures
Richard Harrington. Inuit Mother Caresses Her Child in Igloo, Padleimut Tribe, N.W.T.