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❤️🇺🇸💙Painting a Patriotic Door Hanger
Supplies • Wood Shape (came from www.bayouwoodcrafter.com ) • Paints/brushes • Ribbon for Bow
a wreath made out of red, white and blue sticks is hanging on the fence
How To: Clothespin Wreath
How to make a patriotic clothespin wreath using items from the dollar store. Easy way to paint wooden clothespins to make your own wreath, step by step. #MyRepurposedLife #dollarstorecrafts #4thofJuly #patrioticdecor
two pieces of cloth with an american flag pattern on them sitting on a wooden floor
How to Make a Flag Rag Quilt
Patriotic Wreath for Front Door, Patriotic Doorhanger with Bow, Fourth of July Front Door Decor
This God Bless the USA red, white & blue patriotic wreath was made with high quality 5 different ribbons in various patterns and colors of red, white and blue.
an old barrel is decorated with wooden crosses and stars in the colors of the american flag
Patriotic Crosses
11 Wood Craft Ideas for DIY enthusiasts
I know I’ve been a little MIA but we’ve had a big project in the backyard, an overwhelming workload (which we planned on being MUCH less), and then decided to hire out for some help to haul away a huge amount of dirt. Unfortunately, that ended up with the guy we hired stealing from us…..uggggh. When will we ever learn to not be so trusting?! Steve and I both have a problem with that……but when did being “too trusting” become such an extreme character flaw?!! Sad. Anyway, the whole situation is under investigation and there are some definite twists to the story that the crime-show-watcher in me would love to share with any other crime-show-watching enthusiasts out there. ;) Hopefully soon.
a wooden cross painted in the colors of the american flag is hanging on a fence
a basket filled with red, white and blue pinwheels
40+ Stunning Patriotic Centerpieces to DIY for the 4th of July
Making Patriotic Wood Firecrackers
We used 4x4 pine wood and ripped them down the middle to get our wood pieces. You will also need painters tape to help you make straight lines, a paint brush, some acrylic paint and stencils to make the stars. We used a Cricut to cut star stencils. Last bit is 1/8" twine to wrap around the smaller firecracker and 1/4" twine for the wicks. We used a glue gun to attach these