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a poster with different types of water and clouds on it's sides, including the words kolder vody v prirode
Koloběh vody v přírodě - tématický týden "Zachraňme Voděnku" (A3)
a hand holding a pen with the words, a household nemesis can teach proper pencil
Simple Household Item that Develops a Better Pencil Grasp
Turn a common household nemesis into something useful! Simple Household Item that Develops a Better Pencil Grasp #SPD
the letter of the week crafts for kids
104 Fun Preschool Letter Crafts — From A to Z!
Letter of the Week Crafts [From A to Z!] Perfect Alphabet Activities for Preschool or Homeschool Kindergarten, Too!
children are making their own bead bracelets out of construction paper and colored beads
Basic Shapes Work Station or Centre Activity
Simple small group activity learning about shapes- great for maths centres or work stations.
two children playing with toys on the floor
*** Seal Harbor Daycare *** Daycare Pictures -Preschool Curriculum
use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor
apples and numbers on clothes pegs for counting
NameBright - Coming Soon
Easy number and counting activity with apples!
a child is holding spoons with candy in them and counting activity on the table
Counting beads on pipe cleaners
Counting activity for kids using pompoms
a child's drawing made out of wooden pegs and colored blocks on the floor
Play and Learn with Blocks
Play and Learn with Blocks ~ eyes for Mat Man
sheet music with words and pictures on it
jesenné básne pre deti
jesenné básne pre deti - Google Search
a hand is pointing at a graph paper with numbers on it and two green markers
dividing decimals-modeling
AWESOME VIDEO--- VERY CONCRETE!!! dividing decimals-modeling
an illustration of a bear sleeping in the snow with a quote on it that says, the cold wind loved and the high enough ground
Bear Snores On
Bear Snores On - entire story
several children sitting on the floor playing with their hands and feet in front of a red rug
Retelling our own version of the mitten book in preschool
Have children climb into mitten as you read the story. The kids would love this!