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365 Day Project

8 Piny1 Fanúšikovia | House of Green | I shot this in an abandoned greenhouse in Slovakia, when I was visiting for a week. For the entire shoot I thought that we'd get kicked out by the owner ha!

pin 2 | Lost Horizon II | Instagram * Facebook * Tumblr | Untitled | Off to the woods. With a suitcase. As you do.

[1/8] As children, we see it all so simple. We believe the stories they tell us, we believe the TV and books, and we think that we know what the world is about. We believe that love is the strongest power on Earth and that there are heroes and villains.Of course, none of that is true.Sometimes I wonder if all the stories are made only for children. If adults are supposed to believe too. Because I certainly stopped a long time ago.

I Try To Capture The Journey Into Adulthood In Conceptual Self-portraits | Bored Panda | Peace of Mind | 20/365 | 365 | 365 Day Project - taking one picture every day for a year