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Deviled Egg Dip is much easier to make and transport than deviled eggs. And boy, is it ever good!

Deviled Egg Spread

We just can’t have a party here without deviled eggs. It’s something my husband started when he moved here to RI from the Southwest. I can’t even begin to tell you how many deviled eggs I’ve made over the years. Lets just say – a whole freakin’ lot. I have my deviled egg recipe memorized, that’s how many times I’ve made them. There was one instance where I threw caution to the wind and decided I wasn’t putting deviled eggs on my party menu. I believe it was Evans’ birthday in 2007. I even…

Pickle Wrap Dip. So much easier than the rollups, and it's sooo good.


This is so much easier than the rollups, and it’s sooo good. Your friends will love the tangy flavors, goes great on crackers Recipe Stats Total

Deviled eggs

The BEST Deviled Eggs Recipe (So Easy!) - Oh Sweet Basil

30 reviews
10 minutes

The Best Deviled Eggs you'll ever make have a few secret ingredients like, vinegar, and paprika! These are the ONLY deviled eggs we make now!

A skinny Black Bean Dip perfect for game day.

Black Bean Dip

1 review
15 minutes

A skinny Black Bean Dip perfect for game day.

The BEST EVER Deviled Eggs - SERIOUSLY! I hesitated on sharing this recipe for forever bc I thought everyone would be like - 'another deviled egg recipe? really?'. But I make these ALL THE TIME (for over 15 years), & it just seemed wrong to not share this family favorite with y'all. -

The BEST EVER Deviled Eggs - Mrs Happy Homemaker

The BEST EVER Deviled Eggs - Seriously!! My family will not eat any other deviled eggs other than mine, even my child who hates eggs love this recipe!

I made this as Christmas gifts for the staff at work one year. I needed to make something that would give me a high yield and be terrific. This was the perfect recipe! I’m not kidding when I tell you that this stuff is absolutely addicting!! I couldn’t keep my hands off of it when... Read More »

Amish Caramel Corn

Amish Caramel Corn - Dry roasted peanuts along with perfectly coated caramel popcorn, the perfect sweet and salty snack!

Flaky Grand Biscuits molded around juicy ground beef and cheese and tender onion and garlic for an extra zip for your taste buds.

Grand Burgers

The onions and garlic add a huge punch of flavor to these burgers. Wrapping everything in a flaky biscuit makes these easy to eat.

Slow Cooker Reuben Dip. Had this over Easter and making it for a party this weekend! Even people who don't like saurkraut will love this one! Yum!

Slow Cooker Reuben Dip Recipe -

My husband and I could not believe how good this was when we had it at a party. I had to get the recipe.

Homemade Creamy Four Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Sauce is the best white cheese Italian pasta sauce you’ll ever try! Super easy weeknight dinner recipe!

Four Cheese Garlic White Cream Pasta Sauce - Julia's Album

This Homemade Creamy Four Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Sauce is the most delicious and the easiest white cheese Italian pasta sauce recipe! It’s made by cooking minced garlic in olive oil and butter, then adding chicken broth, heavy cream (and the cooked pasta!), and the four cheese blend until the cheese melts into a nice and...Read More

Bleu Cheese Dip

Bleu Cheese Dip - Love to be in the Kitchen

12 reviews

This Bleu Cheese Dip is so simple to make and perfect for any party! It goes so well with veggies or buffalo wings! **YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE THE BEST GAME DAY RECIPES** I love serving this dish along with Boneless Baked Buffalo Wings, celery, and carrots. I never thought I’d fall in love with bleu... Read More »