Milan Grega-jakub

Milan Grega-jakub

Milan Grega-jakub
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San Ignacio Houses / IX2 Arquitectura

Completed in 2016 in La Barca, Mexico. Images by Lorena Darquea. This set of 10 houses (first stage) is located northwest of the town of La Barca, Mexico. The houses are built on an area of in a.

‘house in mukainada’ is a single family dwelling set on a circular planted pathway that incorporates designated areas for natural vegetation.

Greenhouse-like ‘cabin in the woods’ features lush vertical gardens inside Kartik Reddy Cabin in the Woods banner – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

This is not a toy! You can do some serious damage to people and property with this hot item if you arent careful! By purchasing this item you are

A small, inexpensive metal print became a functional object anyone could use. The brand, produced by Etsy maker niquegeek, simply snaps onto a standard Bic lighter: . Maybe something for Printer Chat?