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a wreath is hanging on the front door with white flowers and green grass around it
Spring Wreath
Spring Wreath
there are two pictures with different things in them and the same one has spoons
Make This Cutlery Caddy From Recycled Tins and Pallet Wood - Great Home Decor Hack! - The Hackitts
Recycle pallet wood & tin cans into a great cutlery caddy! Full tutorial on how to make one.
three white buckets with roses and pearls on the floor next to eachother
Vintage plecháčik / LadyDiana -
plechové kvetináčiky zvonku farby slonia kosť, dekorované vintage motívom s ornamentom.a ružičkami. Patinovaný, Lakovaný. Vhodné používať aj v exteriéri, ošetrené lakom. cena za 1 ks...
three white buckets with flowers in them sitting on a table
Decoracion vintage
three potted plants sitting on top of a table next to each other, with words painted on them
holmsunds blommor
love the containers, LINDA, I so got this container, was an ugly green, painted it white already need to decoupage now.
two cups and a brush sitting on top of a table next to some paper napkins
two tins sitting on top of a table covered in polka dotty paper and decorated with owls
Latas Decoradas Ideias
Fika a Dika - Por um Mundo Melhor: Latas Decoradas Ideias
three ceramic pots with birds painted on them and cactus in the middle one has a succulent
a cup that has some pens and pencils in it
Free Projects
Art Supplies Mini Gift Tin- made from a soup can
a white jar with pink roses painted on it and a gold heart hanging from the top
two black tin canisters with white polka dots and a flower on the top
reaproveitando latinhas ...
two decorative cups with pink flowers and ribbons on the sides, one is made out of paper
Início - Coisas de Vó
10363543_1546965645595939_1696497864892693748_n - Cópia
two tin cans with roosters painted on them and lace trim around the edges, sitting on a table
Tin Can Crafts: Tutorials and Ideas
those northern skies: Tin Can Crafts: Tutorials and Ideas
a blue and white planter with a succulent in it's center
Reciclar y regalar: de latas a macetas {DIY Día del Amigo}
latas recicladas + aerosol + decoupage / recycled tins + paint + decoupage
an old tin can with flowers painted on it
Lata reciclada