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DIY Love Box | How to make them fall in love with you
Make them fall in love with you with this incredibly creative love box. Definitely a unique gift. Follow to get more inspiration like this. Credit: @elaine.pan
a diagram with the words i love you, the connect, and how to do it
The alphabet of our love diy craft book
This book is called the alphabet of our love. Find a notebook that has 26 pages and on each page put each letter of the alphabet in order. On every page write something about that person that has to do with that letter. Get creative and add photos and special touches. This would make the perfect V-day gift.
1 year scrapbook for boyfriend
A scrapbook gift for your boyfriend is a heartfelt and personalized present filled with cherished memories. It's a creative and sentimental way to celebrate your relationship by compiling photographs, mementos, and handwritten notes in a beautifully designed book. This thoughtful gesture allows you to revisit your journey together, relive special moments, and express your love in a unique and tangible way. Link in BIO for amazon Link
BFF gift card idea 🌸
DIY slider card for BFF ✨ 💗💗💗. By quinns_arte. #slidercard #giftcards #papercards #bestfriend #papercraft
Crafting love, one gift at a time. 💕✨
Crafting love, one gift at a time. 💕✨ with @ruuumaanaa