Jana Blechova

Jana Blechova

Bratislava, Slovakia / inspire me...
Jana Blechova
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Japanese Style Tattoos Put Modern Twist on Japanese Woodblock Prints

Artist Brindi creates Japanese style tattoos inspired by Japanese woodblock prints. Each Japanese tattoo is rendered in the style and color of the art form.

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Based in Shibuya in central Tokyo, we have a staff of male and female artists and a native English speaking translator. We work in a variety of styles including Japanese traditional, tribal and our own custom designs.

beautiful Hydrangea, i like the colours together as they create depth whilst…

With every new painted flower I feel not in autumn Russia but in summer Provence. Risuя kаždый novый lepestok, я vse bolьše čuvstvuю sebя nа tёploй ploщаdi Эks-аn-Provаnsа.