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a small wooden house with a metal roof
Log Cabins in Scotland, Summerhouses, Wooden Garages, BBQ Huts, Bertsch Holzbau
a small wooden building with a rope around it's perimeter and windows on the roof
Cedar Cottage 5 (Hot Tubs / Gardens) - Timberlodge Products Ltd.
a house being built with wooden siding and shingles on the roof, next to a fence
a man standing on top of a roof next to a wooden structure with a green roof
a man standing next to a ladder on top of a wooden building with a green roof
someone is holding an ice cream cone with white icing in front of a house
a red clock mounted to the side of a wooden wall
a person standing in an attic looking out the window at something on the other side
two people standing in a room with christmas decorations
a snow covered roof with icicles hanging from it's sides and the ground below
a small log cabin with snow on the roof
there is a small white house in the middle of some bushes and flowers on the ground
7mtr elite sloping walled cabin
a small white house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a pond
there are two small houses in the woods
The 4.5 standard cabin and 7mtr elite, painted and errection by GrillCabin #grillcabin
someone is holding a spray bottle in their hand and looking up into the sky above