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a fish statue on top of a wooden table
Фото 582719151440 из альбома Різьба по дереву - різних майстрів.. Разместил Андрій Метельський в ОК
a hairless horse is shown in this image
Cantering WB - finished the sculpey part!
a wooden carved photo frame with a horse head on it's face in the center
Jozef Michňa – through the light and life
a statue of a deer standing on top of a rock
Western Bronze Sculpture, by Renowned Western Artist Jeff Wolf, Entitled scent of A Woman, Limited Edition, Cast to Order, 1 of 25 C1007 - Etsy
a statue of two birds on top of each other in the middle of a park
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a statue of an eagle sitting on top of a tree branch in front of a dark background
a large wooden sculpture of an eagle on a stand in front of a metal structure
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a close up of a white ear on a surface with no other items in it