A selection of my best black and white drawings, made with fine liners or India ink on paper.

New Illustrations by Saddo

A series of illustrations on paper made for the "The Garden of Good and Evil" series of Aitch & Saddo shows in Canada, at "La Petite Mort" gallery and "Parantheses" gallery.

New Illustrations by Saddo

Powerful artworks by Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist Saddo…

New Illustrations by Saddo

Nothing found for 2013 05 02 Illustrations Saddo Http: Www Cruzine Com 2014 04 01 Traditional Illustrations Alice Meichi Li

colorful illustrations by Romanian artist Saddo

Nothing found for 2012 10 03 Saddo Http: Www Cruzine Com 2013 09 18 Inspiring Art Jon Hrubesch

CHAPTER XLIV - ECHOES by Depthcore , via Behance

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration _layers of content within content. lots of imagery/environment overlap here

#FantasticArtAndWhereToFindThemFriday Ink Illustrations by Saddo Read it here:

Fantastic Art And Where To Find Them Friday: Ink Illustrations by Saddo

The Garden of Good and Evil - Aitch & Saddo by Saddo, via Behance