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A dwarf they drink a lot by sebob on DeviantArt

Here is a drawing of a dwarf spirit to drink a good beer brewed A dwarf they drink a lot

Anão Dourado (Gold dwarf)

Gold dwarves, also known as hill dwarves,11 were the aloof, confident and sometimes proud subrace of dwarves that predominantly came from the Great Rift. They were known to be particularly stalwart warriors and shrewd traders. Gold dwarves were often trained specifically to battle the horrendous...

Serena Malyon 🌞🌛 on Twitter

“For Sale - "The Fountains of Ferrom" - 13x18" watercolour and acryla gouache on Arches 140lb. Price available on my online shop, linked below. #originalart #watercolor #acrylic #acrylagouache #fantasyart #traditionalart #art”

Ranger Dwarf, Vlad Costin

Textured, in-game version of a little Ranger Dwarf, made for Warhammer Total War game series

The King under the Mountain by Ozakuya on DeviantArt

Watercolor. "Suddenly there was a great shout, and from the Gate came a trumpet call. They had forgotten Thorin! Part of the wall, moved by levers, fell... The King under the Mountain

Fantasy alternatives

Now that I'm following with interest the Oldhammer community, I have to confess that in the early nineties, I did everything NOT to play Warhammer. I've bought and shortly tested Nick Lund's game 'Fantasy Warriors' then Gary Chalk and Ian Bailey's 'Fanstasy Warlord', with mitigated success in both cases, since I've only played two battles. If the models produced by Grenadier for 'Fantasy Warriors' were quite good (understandable with sculptors such as Nick Lund, Mark Copplestone or Bob…

D&D's Bruenor Design, Brian Matyas

Bruenor from Dungeons & Dragons contracted by Wizards of the Coast. Almost a complete design overhaul for him. I had fun to exploring the design language for his dwarven culture on this one.