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an image of a piece of paper with the words on it and other things around it
paint me
an image of some type of art that is in the middle of two different pictures
four different types of art work with black and white images on them, each depicting an individual's face
Brand Brothers Rebrands Advanced Investigative Detection Technology Linkurious
an image of some type of object with the words friend zone on it
まちこ / 江野 (@graziexx) on X
six calendars with different shapes and sizes on them, each showing the same color
an ice cube on top of a person's head, with three diamonds in the foreground
an advertisement for the spiral independent creator's festival, with colorful numbers on it
スパイラルが開催するアートフェスティバル「SICF20」作品応募受付中 | NEWS | IMA ONLINE
the logo for sicf is shown in black and white, with an abstract design
Spence95: I will create modern minimalist and luxury logo design for $5 on
SICF18 - Daikoku Design Institute I will create modern minimalist and luxury logo designI hold a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and have over 7 years of experience in branding and visual identity design. As an award-winning and published brand identity designer, I have worked on creative logo projects for clients ranging from startups to multinational companies from all around the world.What sets me apart is that I dont just create logos, I create meaningful brands, that conveys a message
four pieces of paper with numbers on them and one piece cut out to look like an origami
many different shapes and sizes of crystals on a white surface with light coming from them