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a man in a suit and tie with a quote on it that reads, only those who went hungry with me and stood by me when i went through a
Best of Pablo Escobar Quotes & Sayings - Quotes for Narcos
a black and white photo with the words live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, don't the wild air
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Emerson – Chasing Paper
an image of a lion with the caption'it doesn't matter who or what is in front of her
He's got your back no, no, my dear she has it as fierce as he looks, she'll rip anyone apart who messes with those she loves!It's the female that is protecting him. Remember that. Females protect in most species. You ever see a mother protect her cubs- I think you may have so where along the line.Females ARE more fierce! A MAN IS STRONG SURE BUT WOMEN ARE ALL PASSION AND LOVE AND DO NOT MESS WITH HER BABY'S OR FAMILY IN ANYWAY ... SHE'LL EAT YOU! I think you are acutely aware of this!
a woman's legs and high heels with a quote on the bottom saying, when i'm good, i'm very good, but when i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm bad, i'm
AmazingL LifeUploads
My dad gave me a bumper sticker that said this when I started university!
a quote written in black on a white background
when you arise in the morning
a beach with footprints in the sand and a heart drawn in the sand on it
Lovely Things, etc.
I am so grateful for Craig. I waited my whole life for him. We are exactly where we are meant to be.....absolute bliss!
a quote that says be with a guy who runs your lipstick not your mascara
Life Quotes– Curiano Life Quotes
Curiano Quotes Life - Quotes, Love Quotes, Life Quotes, Live Life Quote, and Inspirational Quotes.
the words good morning sunshine are shown in white on a yellow background with a crown
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Good morning everyone its 4:00 a.m. in Georgia right now I'm ready to get three hours of sleep and off to traveling again. I hope Melbourne Fl. Is ready to rock tomorrow!! Super excited
an image of two elephants in the middle of a quote that says, no one else will ever know the strength of my love for you after all
I love my daughter and son!
a black and white photo with the words bad boys, an't no good but good
Bad boys ain't no good, but good boys ain't no fun
a poster with the words if you're lucky enough to be different, never change
a quote that says every love story is beautiful, but ourss my favoritee
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Wall Decal - Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite - anniversary wedding vinyl room decor
the words always wear your invisible crown are written in black ink on a white background
How Much Is 70 Percent Off? (Calculating Percentages in Your Head)
We all need to feel like Princesses. Especially when the world is being especially harsh with us.
a black and white photo with the words you don't know a woman until you understand
I love my man :) And he's always making me smile.