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how to build your own composting toilet... this is similar to the humanure toilet, except with a urine separator.

skylight: plexiglass sealed with caulking & foam tubing on top of an old tire (which is the center of the reciprocal roof) LIVING ROOF. This is one of the houses at Rabbit Eco Village

Fantastic website with lots of ideas for green roofing... a bunch of info at the bottom of the page too!

500 showers heated from one small compost pile: a how-to tutorial. Compost heat can, indeed, be captured to heat water in moments by running black pastic pipe through the heart of the heap. After the hot showers, you have a lovely pile of compost. The moisture from the shower drains away to feed the ground inoculated with edible mushrooms. Hot water, compost and mushrooms. Now that's multi-functional permaculture design!

Composting to create hot water


DIY: Make Your Own Hot Tub

A Beginner's Guide to Green Roofs

earthbag foundation questions answered