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Alien: Semiotic Standard icon set  by Ron Cobb

Roy Cobb - Semiotic Standard Icons from Alien. These signs were intended for “all commercial trans-stellar and heavy element transport craft”.

Digital Art Inspiration

Digital Art Inspiration is our new series that we started, In this series we will combine different collection of stunning digital art, Art, photo manip

Digital Artwork Inspiration

Illustration of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Augmented cybernetic human & future police officer from Anime film and TV series. Fragile Shell by Daniel Conway

Naida The Watercaster

Catch Concept Art by Bryan Marvin P. Sola, a concept artist from Philippines. Bryan creates fantasy as well as sci-fi art, which is really amazing. Naida the watercaster The duel Abbadon The warrior The life giver… Continue Reading →