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a cell phone case with a photo on it and beads around the phone holder,
୨꒰ ˊ͈˘ˁ ⑅ ꒱ა⠀(prettɥ)⠀♡
a pair of earrings with beads and charms on the palm of a person's hand
four different necklaces with charms attached to them on a white cloth covered tablecloth
two pictures with different designs on them, one is yellow and the other is white
Звёздочка, автор https://t.me/valera_20073
🐹 из бисера схема
a postcard with an image of a dog on it's face and the words bea
Схема на книгу "Лето в пионерском галстуке" из бисера (идея моя)
an image of some sort of artwork that looks like it is made out of circles
Долгожданная схема на Вову и Юру Схема не моя
two beaded sheep keychains hanging from a person's hand
Фигурки Юра и Володя Мое