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ΠΑΙΔΙ & ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΙΚΑ : Φύλλα Εργασίας για τα ΔΟΝΤΙΑ
paper cut out of two people on a wooden floor
Mat Man is dynamic in more ways than one!
Not only can Mat Man be used to teach your students a variety of important foundation skills, but those skills can be taught in a variety of ways. You can stretch your students’ imagination by asking them to draw Mat Man in different settings. Visit Mat Man World for free downloads, the Build Mat Man Game, and Mat Man classroom resources! Photo Cred: Bright Spot Pediatric Therapy
an assortment of kitchen utensils on the floor
#MatManatHome Challenge
Photo provided by Corrine Wise
a child's hand and foot prints are shown
Paint Me!
paint me!....could be a cute Grandma gift for Mother's Day
a paper doll made out of plastic beads
One activity, four ways: Texture
texture girl or boy
a child's drawing made out of wooden pegs and colored blocks on the floor
100% Online FREE E-Course With David Avocado Wolfe
Play and Learn with Blocks ~ eyes for Mat Man
a cut out of a face with eyes and nose
Testrészek hete
an x - ray handprint is hanging on a black piece of paper that says hand print x - ray
Hand print X-Ray – The Pinterested Parent
a cartoon character is shown in the middle of a square with lines to make it look like
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Puzzles For Kids, Learning Activities
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