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an elf is sitting next to a piece of cake on a plate with a note that says i made a sponge cake for you
Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas
an elf is holding a toothbrush in front of a sign that says, i learned your butts hope you don't mind sorry
100+ BEST Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Will Make You Blush - RecipeMagik
an elf with a note attached to the back of a refrigerator door next to money
Elf On The Shelf Day 4
there is a cat in the hat sign on the wall above stairs that lead up to the second floor
Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Christmas
two elfs are sitting in the kitchen with hot dogs for sale on a plate
two elfs sitting on top of a table next to each other with words written in them
two elfs are sitting on a table with bread and candy
a christmas tree with an elf doll in a box
an elf laying on top of a tray filled with sprinkles
100 Hilarious Elf on the shelf ideas to cherish the sweet Smile on your Kid's Face | Hike n Dip
an elf sitting on top of a pile of toy cars next to a sign that says elf car wash
31 Silly Funny And Clever Elf On The Shelf Ideas