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The way the artist has created this piece by identifying the individual shapes within an image blows me away. Because it is made up of the classic bright orange, black and white colours of a tiger I would have thought the piece would lose some of its realism however this hasn't been the case and the raw emotion of the tiger has remained captured. Maan Ali

Funny pictures about Geometric Tiger Made From Triangles. Oh, and cool pics about Geometric Tiger Made From Triangles. Also, Geometric Tiger Made From Triangles photos.

Maserati 3200 GT

Maserati 3200 GT designed by Italdesign - Illustration uncredited

A Beginner's Guide to Men's Hairstyles. (X-Post r/malehairadvice) - Imgur

Hair of Men . Men's hair styles to fit different face shape. Plus good product re commendation for styling products for you hair type.