I don't think he will ever know how he ripped my heart out when he tried to move on. I think he moved on a lot more than what he led me to believe. I still feel his guilt about the way he treated her... and others.

You taught me that love can be an amazing and beautiful thing, but you also taught me that love will keep you up all night crying softly to yourself wondering how much more pain someone can endure.

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You never know what it's like till it happens to you. you think it won't but TRUST me I thought the same thing and you came along.

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"I've told him for 26 years to stop drinking. and if he ever did want to change he would've a long time before.

I was screwed

I promised myself I would never fall in love with you. But it was and we were laughing way too hard, and I felt happy for the first time in a long time, and I knew I was screwed. - I would never promise not to fall for someone, because I don't know w

i could never say these things to you. if i told you then you would respond with "ok" or ; that's if im lucky though. thats if you even responded

It's even more painful when it's your soulmate that's hurt you so badly and taken advantage of you on so many levels.

Excerpt from a story I'll never write

nice Sad Quotes About Letting Going And Moving On :Excerpt from a story I& never write.

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Oh how I can relate to this back on that awful April day when the one who I thought loved me as much as I did him left me.

Sometimes I ask myself why do I still look for the Happy Ending when I know there is none. He took away my Happy Ending

say what you want to say.

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