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a white bowl filled with pasta covered in mushrooms and spinach leaves on top of a table
strawberries and bananas wrapped in chocolate on a plate next to a lit candle
50 Times People Spotted Pareidolia In These Vegetables And Fruits And Just Had To Take A Pic
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three pieces of food with chocolate and nuts on them
Lemon8 · @Sweater✨Weather
| Gallery posted by Sweater weather | Lemon8
a green bowl filled with sliced kiwis and bananas on top of a wooden table
slices of watermelon in a glass bowl
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cookies with hearts on them and jam in the middle, ready to be cut into pieces
heart shaped pizzas with cheese and tomato sauce in the shape of hearts on an oven tray
someone is cooking pasta in a skillet on the kitchen counter with lemons and parsley
chocolate brownies sitting on top of each other with icing in the middle and one cut into squares