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this is an image of a modern house
#Modern #Residential #Exterior By, Sagar Morkhade (Vdraw Architecture) +91 8793196382
two pictures of an old stone house with grass on the roof and another photo of a building made out of rocks
Start A Fire
Here's another inspiring earthbag construction for fans of natural homes out there! The Shantikuthi Earthbag Spiral House is called such because its walls were built in a spiral pattern. Its roof also has a spiral garden where visitors can harvest seeds to bring home and plant in their own yard. Learn more about it and view the slideshow of the building process on our site! :)
two pictures showing the process of building a house with wood and stonework on it
Cordwood Log Cabins
Cordwood masonry walls are low-cost, easy to build, aesthetically pleasing, and score high environmental points for making use of low-impact materials.
several pictures of different types of garden beds in various stages of construction, including landscaping
Inspirációk fűszerkertekhez - Színes Ötletek
raklap fűszerkert kert tavasz ültetés
Security Check Required
Magic Faucet Fountain
the reflection of several different types of boats in a window pane with yellow frames
Whatever you're cooking for your family this weekend, you can do it in this outdoor kitchen with pizza oven! <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">theownerbuilderne...</a>
a small pine cone sitting on top of a black bowl filled with dirt and grass
I really need to try this!
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by grass and rocks in the middle of two pictures, one is
Top 31 DIY Ideas to Build a Firepit on Budget
You know that the best summer nights or a cozy evening even in cold weather always involve your family, your best friends, roasting marshmallows and an inviting place that encourages good conversation. A fire pit is that great space will bring excitement, warmth and atmosphere to your backyard, deck or patio area. Moreover, the fire […]
several images of different patterns and colors on the ground, with grass in the background
a man in white robe walking towards an outdoor hot tub Architekturführer - Film, Kunst & Kultur: Bücher: Studium & Ausbildung, Methoden & Materialien und mehr
Wieder eine sehr schöne Möglichkeit einer Duschschnecke aus Natursteinen
the interior and exterior of a modern house
Cosy Interior. Best Scandinavian Home Design Ideas.
an open wooden door in a room with hardwood floors and gray walls, next to a window Real Estate
Gallery of Apartment For A Guy And Even Two Of Them / Metaforma - 9
an aquarium filled with rocks and water
The Magical World of Aquascaping/Living Terrariums (WITH PICTURES!), page 1
The Magical World of Aquascaping/Living Terrariums (WITH PICTURES!), page 1