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Vegan Accessories

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ARTISARA is a new fashion accessories brand full of scarves, denim ties and bow ties for women and men. VEGAN & FAIR-TRADE. MADE IN EUROPE.

ARTISARA is about quality scarves, bow ties and ties that make a statement.

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Compassionate clothing... Artisara. Make a difference and help us share the passion for compassionate clothing!

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ARTISARA - scarves, bow ties and ties made of happy vegan fabrics and

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Who is our fashion accessories brand ARTISARA dedicated to? To all animal lovers, vegetarians and vegans and to ...

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What is ARTISARA? It is a new vegan and fair-trade fashion accessories brand made in Europe.

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Subscribe to our Artisara channel. First videos coming soon.

Wear fashion with compassion. Wear only plant-based and man-made materials.

Our very first short video! We invite you to join us and help us spread the idea of compassionate clothing and save animals´ lives!

Vegan pins. We all fo vegan for animals, our health and environment.

Animals are not fabric. Dress vegan and inspire others.