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a man in an astronaut's suit and helmet with his hands on his hips
Elio de Angelis 26 March 1958 – 15 May 1986
(1) Elio de Angelis 26 March 1958 – 15 May 1986 : formula1
the cars are lined up on the race track to be driven by their respective drivers
Colla Verglas: Photo
Colla Verglas (Posts tagged Formula 1)
the cockpit of a racing car with its driver's feet on the steering wheel
a man in a racing suit and helmet holding his hand up to his ear while wearing an orange glove
a man wearing a helmet and goggles with the word stoll on it's side
a man sitting in a racing car with his hand on the steering wheel and wearing a helmet
the front wheel and suspensions of a motorcycle
Retromobile 2018, een editie met racegeschiedenis... - Wheels & Things
the front end of a blue and yellow motorcycle
a man riding on the back of a racing car down a street next to a crowd
Diagnosed with Nostalgia
two racing cars driving down a race track
the green race car is parked on the side of the road as people look at it
Coffee Break
a group of people watching race cars go down the road in black and white photo
The Golden Years of Formula 1 - Pictures!