Schloss Linderhof - Ettal, Germany by Clark & Kim Kays

Schloss Linderhof - Ettal, GERMANY (by Clark & Kim Kays) A very beautiful castle which can be visited on a one day trip together with Neuschwanstein

Burg Niederfalkenstein (Falkenstein Castle) - Austria

Falkenstein Castle or Castrum Pfronten is a High Middle Ages castle ruin in the…

Wilhelmshöhe (formerly Karlsberg) was begun by Landgraf Karl in 1696. It is a enormous expanse of baroque terrassing and cascades, occupying an entire hillside in the city of Kassel. The garden was modelled after the italian rennaissance gardens of Rome, and Karl employed italian architects (Giovanni Francesco Guerniero) and hydro-engineers to create spectacular waterfeatures similar to the Villas d'Este, Lante or Aldobrandini. The crown of the hill is the gigantic 'grotto' topped by the…

Wilhelmshöhe Castle (formerly Karlsberg) was built in It occupies an entire hillside in the city of Kassel, Germany. The crown of the hill is the gigantic 'grotto' topped by the sculpture of Hercules, situated almost 300 m above the foot of the garden.

Castles of Cannero, Lago Maggiore, Italy

The Cannero Riviera is in the northern Italian region of Piedmont Italy and The Castles of Cannero are today picturesque ruins on two rocky islets close to the shore on Lago Maggiore. In 1520 Ludovi

Le château de la Roche, dans les gorges de la Loire. Toutes mes Racines Roannaises. La gastronomie au top du top, vive le Roannais et les côtes Roannaises sans oublier les fromages affinés..... La vie quoi!

Le Pays Roannais, si cher à mon coeur...

The Château de La Roche is a restored castle situated in the commune of Saint-Priest-la-Roche in the Loire département of France, 20 km from Roanne. The castle stands on an island in the lake formed by the Villerest dam.