Love the uneven shape of this: Suite One Studio plates

Dessert Plates in Rose and Gold (set of two)

Sakura Haruno Deserved Better #2k16 : Photo

I love Pink Himalaya Salt for both cooking and relaxing bath salts /When you feel your energy field becoming muddled and heavy, try a cleansing Himalayan salt bath! It purifies, detoxifies, relaxes and calms your body & mind.

Pink vintage typewriter and flowers. I really want a vintage typewriter. Possibly a Christmas gift.

Fernandavar: New post on the blog! THECOSMODIARIES.COM

fernandavar: New post on the blog! THECOSMODIARIES.COM (Miss Zeit)

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🎉 I'm up bright and early in London this morning, hope you all have a good day! Coco Mademoiselle has to be my favourite perfume, what's yours?